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Andy Nye

Sales Executive

Raised, educated and then having raised our own family in Perth's Western Suburbs has given me a deep understanding and connection to the area I work.

A 40-year career in sales and marketing across two industries (wine / spirits and Real Estate) has allowed me to live in Perth, London, Sydney and Connecticut, providing a rich tapestry of experience and human interaction to draw from.

Entrepreneurial drive, a love of meeting people and an ethos based in integrity, respect, knowledge and process sees me achieving my goals.

An early background in building plus four decades of sales negotiation lay the foundation. Now backed by the massive engine of Australasia's largest family owned Real Estate company and working within the country’s most successful team allows me to continue on a successful path following my dreams. selling homes and finding new ones for happy clients.

“Life is good - two amazing healthy kids, best in the world and we all have our health - game on"

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