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American-born Australian Thomas Jefferson Wedge built a successful career in the entertainment industry of Hollywood, California and since travelled the globe speaking at public engagements where his success stories are called upon to inspire, encourage and transform.

Making a decision to leave the U.S.A. and move to Europe, Thom lived an adventure in the country of Denmark for five years serving a faith-based non-profit organisation. Having visited more than 33 countries, he arrived in Australia and fell in love with the beauty of this natural landscape and knew this was the place to fulfil his passion of building a life, a family and a business.

"The first time coming to Australia I arrived in Broome, Western Australia. I came to visit the local Perth-girl who is now my wife, and I was just blown away by the power and beauty of the Kimberley region in North Western Australia. I'd literally been around the globe before arriving in Broome, and was stunned with the extreme natural beauty and couldn't believe everything I was taking in. My wife and Australia literally took my breath away and I fell in love hard core," said Thom. He even became an Australian citizen in 2015.  Thom and Misty have two little girls, Rose and Lola.

Thom has been in business since 1994, and since moving to Australia in late 2010, he dug his feet in to build a start-up men’s skin care company from scratch, having built his brand Wedge Australia to serve a large client base including over fifty stockists throughout Australia and abroad.

Thom understands and executes the power of good marketing to build a clear message that delivers a winning result. Whether it was in Hollywood, abroad in Europe or here now at home in Australia, Thom understands the importance of energetic and bold communication to bring life and vitality to every project he immerses himself into. As a property owner and investor, Thom knows the profound care his clients have over their own properties, and he endeavours to treat you like family, and your property like his own. Thom will take extreme care over each detail of your property and walk you step by step through your unique property process, showing you the data and facts on the current market, so you can make informed choices on your next steps.

As his greatest passion of being a husband and father, Thom knows how to speak the simple truth with compassion and kindness.  Getting your best result is Thom’s goal, so you can get on to the next adventure in your life.

“What I have discovered so far in life is that if you make loving people the focus of your life, you will never fail, because love never fails.” -Thom


  • 2023/2024 - Premier Performer
  • 2022/2023 - Premier Performer
  • 2021/2022 - Premier Performer
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